Kernel 2.5.16

Ukazal sie nowy kernel z rodziny 2.5.x oznaczony numerem 2.5.16.
Lista zmian w stosunku do wersji poprzedniej jest nastepujaca:
Summary of changes from v2.5.15 to v2.5.16

Anton Altaparmakov
o NTFS 2.0.7: minor cleanup, remove NULL struct initializers
o NTFS 2.0.7 release: pure cleanups.

Jens Axboe
o fix scsi oops on failed sg table allocation
o Include linux/slab.h not linux/malloc.h in pc300 wan driver.

Martin Dalecki
o 2.5.15 IDE 60
o 2.5.15 IDE 61
o 2.5.15 IDE 62a
o 2.5.15 IDE 63
o 2.5.15 IDE 64
o Sparc64 fixes:
o Sparc64: Delete AOFF_task_fpregs define.
o tcp_ipv4.c: Do not increment TcpAttemptFails twice.
o Sparc64: Make pcibios_init return an int.
o Ingress packet scheduler: Fix compiler error when CONFIG_NET_CLS_POLICE is disabled.
o Sparc64: Bitops take unsigned long pointer.
o Sparc64: Fix typos in bitops changes.
o Sparc64: Missing parts of previous math-emu fixes.
o — ehci misc FIXMEs
o — hub/tt error recovery
o Update orinoco driver to 0.11b
o 1127/1: static PCI memory mapping for ARM Integrator reduced
o 1126/1: Kernel decompression in head.S does not work for ARM 9xx architectures
o 1130/1: Remove support for prefetchable PCI memory on ARM Integrator
o zlib_inflate return code fix. Again.
o 64-bit jiffies, a better solution
o USB storage
o USB storage
o USB storage drivers
o USB storage
o usb_submit_urb fix for broken usb devices
o USB device reference counting api cleanup changes
o USB sddr55 minor to enable a MDSM-B reader
o Change to the USB core to retry failed devices on startup.
o USB and Makefile fixups
o USB – fix a compiler warning in the core code
o USB – Host controller changes

Christoph Hellwig
o IPv4 Syncookies: Remove pointless CONFIG_SYN_COOKIES ifdef.
o Change maintainer info of PC300 WAN driver.
o Fixed the handling of file name containing 0x05 on vfat
o Add full duplex support to 3c509 net driver.

Jeff Garzik
o Add new pci id to tulip net driver.
o Merge 2.4.x changes for old OSS ac97_codec driver:
o via-rhine net driver minor fixes and cleanups:
o Update MII generic phy driver to properly report link status.
o Fix phy id masking in 8139too net driver.
o uhci.c FSBR timeout
o USB device reference counting fix for uhci.c and usb core
o 2.4.19-pre8 uhci.c incorrect bit operations
o 2.4.19-pre8 uhci.c incorrect bit operations
o uhci-hcd for 2.5.15
o Fix four similar off-by-one errors in wireless net drvr core.
o IrDA update 1/3:
o IrDA update 2/3, set_bit updates:
o IrDA update 3/3:
o ISDN: maintain outstanding CAPI messages in the drivers
o Use standard AS rule.
o ISDN: AVM CAPI drivers: Common revision parsing
o ISDN: Usage count for CAPI controllers
o ISDN: Init ISA AVM CAPI drivers at module load time
o ISDN: Release AVM CAPI controllers at module unload time
o Fix oops-able situation in 3c509 net driver

Manfred Spraul
o usb-storage locking fixes

Neil Brown
o – kNFSd in 2.5.15 – Require export operations for exporting a filesystem
o – kNFSd in 2.5.15 – export_operations support for isofs
o Micro Memory battery backed RAM card driver
o [ARM 1110/1: fixes to the ARM checksum code
o cs89x0 net driver minor fixes, SH4 support, and cmd line media support
o PPC32: This changeset updates several of the powermac-specific
o tulip net driver 2114x phy init fix
o misc.c:
o Fixed race when devfs lookup()/readdir() triggers partition rescanning.
o Minor cleanup of fs/devfs/base.c:scan_dir_for_removable().
o Cosmetic cleanups, remove unused struct members from via-rhine net driver

Russell King
o [ARM] Localise old param_struct to arch/arm/kernel/compat.c.
o [ARM] Fix signedness of address comparisons, causing boots on some
o Pass a physical address from the boot loader for the location of the
o Always allow CONFIG_CMDLINE to be set or edited by the user.
o Clean up do_undefinstr – it only needs to take the pt_regs pointer
o A pile of missed kernel stack accessing functions were still using
o [ARM] Don’t write to read-only registers.
o [ARM] SA1100 cleanups:
o [ARM] Couple of small fixes:
o [ARM] ADFS updates/fixes.
o 2.5.14 updates – for the new memory management pfn() macros. Also,
o clean up maximum priorities
o Hotplug CPU prep
o Prevent deadlock in JFS when flushing data during commit
o Add to list of supported 8139 net boards.
o Sparc64: Export batten_down_hatches
o Sparc: Use proper sys_{read,write} prototypes in SunOS
o drivers/video/aty/mach64_gx.c: Include sched.h

Linus Torvalds
o Fix ‚export-objs’ usage in Makefiles.
o Make arm default to little-endian jiffies.
o This improves on the page table TLB shootdown. Almost there.
o Fix up some more TLB shootdown issues.
o Update kernel version
o Cleanup munmap a lot. Fix Intel P4 TLB corruptions on SMP.
o Make setresuid/setresgid be more consistent wrt fsuid handling
o First cut at proper TLB shootdown for page directory entries.