Red Hat 7.3 BETA – Skipjack

Red Hat wypuścił beta wersję nowej dystrybucji oznaczonej nazwą kodową Skipjack. Nowa wersja ma zawierać Linux Kernel w wersji 2.4.18, X’y 4.2.0, Gnome 1.4 i Mozillę 0.9.9. Dodatkowe informacje na ten temat znajdziecie tutaj, natomiast listę mirrorów z dystrybucją znajdziecie pod tym adresem.

Aktualny changelog:

The standalone upgrade mode (typing linux upgrade at the boot prompt) is no longer supported
ISO images now have an md5sum embedded in them
KDE has been updated to 3.0.0 and includes usability enhancements
Red Hat Linux now includes a port of the Debian alternatives system, as a way to support multiple packages
By default, the Sendmail mail transport agent (MTA) does not accept network connections from any host other than the local host
Formatting DocBook XML documents using the XSL stylesheet language
The gPhoto2 package has been added to the distribution
The xscanimage program has been deprecated and may be removed
The glibc-kernheaders package has been added