Windows 2000 SP4 BETA trafia do testerów

Do rąk testerów trafiła kolejna wersja Service Pack 4 przeznaczona dla Windows 2000. Nowy SP4 na czas dzisiejszy zawiera 445 poprawek, jednak warto wspomnieć, że jest to jeszcze wersja BETA, tak więc pozostawmy ją testerom.

All beta testers are supported throughout the beta cycle and can expect the following:
Physical CD Media if you request it.
The ability to download interim releases via BetaPlace.
Technical support provided via private beta newsgroups
Beta program announcements posted to a separate newsgroup.
Ability to submit bug report via BetaPlace
Periodic surveys hosted via BetaPlace to obtain your input on various technical issues.
The opportunity to have your issues answered in „real time” by Windows team members via periodic Chat Sessions.
Rewards for top bug submitters posted weekly.
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Beta ID: Win2000SP4
Password: BetaSP4