MySQL 3.23.53

Na stronach projektu MySQL, pojawiła się kolejna wersja bazy danych MySQL nosząca numerek 3.23.53. Dla zainteresowanych, poniżej publikuję listę zmian jakie zaszły w nowej wersji bazy danych, zaś osoby które chcą poczytać nieco więcej na ten temat, odsyłam tutaj.

Stąd można pobrać najnowszą wersję bazy danych (10.4MB), zaś poniżej aktualna lista zmian:

Small fix in safe_mysqld for some shells.
Fixed that SHOW STATUS doesn’t reset Delayed_insert_threads.
Fixed core dump bug when using the BINARY cast on a NULL value.
Fixed race condition when someone did a GRANT at the same time a new user logged in or did a USE DATABASE.
Fixed bug in ALTER TABLE and RENAME TABLE when running with -O lower_case_table_names=1 (typically on windows) when giving the table name in uppercase.
Fixed that -O lower_case_table_names=1 also converts database names to lower case.
Fixed unlikely core dump with SELECT … ORDER BY … LIMIT.
Changed AND/OR to report that they can return NULL. This fixes a bug in GROUP BY on AND/OR expressions that return NULL.
Fixed a bug that OPTIMIZE of locked and modified MyISAM table, reported table corruption.
Fixed a BDB-related ALTER TABLE bug with dropping a column and shutting down immediately thereafter.
Fixed problem with configure … –localstatedir=….
Fixed problem with UNSIGNED BIGINT on AIX (again).
Fixed bug in pthread_mutex_trylock() on HPUX 11.0.
Multithreaded stress tests for InnoDB.