ProFTPD 1.2.8rc1

Ukazała się kolejna wersja serwera ProFTPD o numerku 1.2.8rc1. Źródła nowej wersji można pobrać stąd, natomiast poniżej aktualna lista zmian:

Bug 1597 – Problems with HP-UX 10/11 trusted systems, mod_pam, and mod_unixpw.
Bug 1482 – Add new %U meta to LogFormat, for logging original username.
Bug 1683 – Handling of VirtualHosts on startup. Now, rather than dying when unable to resolve a <VirtualHost> DNS hostname when starting up, the daemon will log the error, and skip the bad <VirtualHost>.
Bug 1825 – AUTH macro namespace cleanup. A „PR_” prefix has been added to the AUTH_* macros, to help prevent namespace collisions. This means that some third-party auth modules may need to be updated.
Bug 1806 – Add RFC2389 support.
Bug 1833 – Add ability to have add’l module initialization callback.
Bug 1743 – No magic cookie for number of files transfered. New cookies added for Display* files: „%i” for total number of files uploaded(read „in”) during a session, „%o” for total number of files download(written „out”) during a session, and „%t” for total number of files transferred (both uploaded and downloaded).
Bug 1653 – Complete the FS API abstraction implementation. The Developer Guide will have the complete details on using this API.
Bug 1712 – TLS support. mod_tls-2.0.5 has been added to the distribution. Many, many thanks to Peter Runestig for his work on this, and for maintaining his code through so many versions of ProFTPD.
Bug 1788 – Add ability to configure auth module checking order. This is now configurable via the new AuthOrder directive.
Bug 1205 – Add debug option to SystemLog. Actually, this feature request has been resolved by adding a new DebugLevel configuration directive, so that a debugging verbosity can be set in the configuration file as well as on the command line.
Added mod_rewrite to distribution.
Bug 1403 – per-server system logs via ServerLog directive.
Bug 1605 – MKD and RMD do not log filepaths with %f or %F option in ExtendedLog.
Removing the RateRead* and RateWrite* configuration directives, and replacing them with a single new directive, TransferRate.
Bug 1789 – Add ability to block recursive directory listings. The LsDefaultOptions configuration directive has been deprecated in favor of the more feature-rich ListOptions directive.
Added Bindings API
Bug 1515 – Enable mod_log to log into default log / syslog. The xtendedLog directive can now take a „path” of the form: „syslog:level”, where the „syslog:” prefix tells mod_log to log that ExtendedLog data via syslog, and the „level” informs mod_log of which syslog level to use.
AIX sendfile support. Thanks to Andy Igoshin <> for the patch.
1858 – move „session closed” logging from graceful quit to child exit sequence. This allows for better log reporting, with respect to sessions ended through means such as catastrophic death of client, or segfaults.
Added –enable-devel configure option, for enabling code of interest to developers
Bug 1507 – regex pattern matching in [Allow/Deny][User/Group]. This has been implemented by adding a „regex” optional parameter to the AllowGroup, DenyGroup, AllowUser, and DenyUser directives. The documentation will be adjusted accordingly.
Bug 1882 – SITE chmod 777 file<space>name. The patch for this works for filename parameters to the SITE CHGRP command as well.
Bug 1881 – Bug in Function MaxClients. This was caused by an off-by-one bug in the handling of non-anonymous settings.
Bug 1886 – Ftpwho uses too many lines when authenticating.
Bug 1875 – same radius packet id for start- and stop-accounting record.
Bug 1883 – socklen_t patch. Thanks to Andy Igoshin <> for the patch.
Bug 1885 – -q/–quiet option for use with the -n/–nodaemon flag.
Useful for running proftpd from inittab or with daemontools.
Bug 1667 – Integrate ProFTPD with C2/SIA on Tru64 Unix. The –enable-sia configure option has been added.
Bug 1837 – Add module specifically for handling Auth*Files, providing finer-grained control. The new mod_auth_file module is compiled in by default, and can be disabled using the –disable-auth-file configure option. For consistency, mod_unixpw.c has been renamed to mod_auth_unix (and now has a –disable-auth-unix configure option), and mod_pam.c has been renamed to mod_auth_pam.c (with an explicit –enable-auth-pam configure option).
Bug 1900 – ftpwho’s output on uploads. ftpwho now reports „n/a” rather than „0%” on uploads, for the server does not know how large of a file is being uploaded in advance, and cannot determine a „percentage done” value.
Bug 1888 – Increase mod_linuxprivs configurability. Two new directives, LinuxPrivsEngine and LinuxPrivsCapabilities, are added.
Bug 1905 – AIX needs „config.h” included before *anything* else.
Bug 1903 – ftpwho depends on snprintf but doesn’t link in lib/libsupp.a
Primarily of issue under Solaris 2.5 and Tru64 4.0D.
Bug 1863 – Unable to build under UnixWare 7
Bug 1906 – Add description strings to AC_DEFINE